Introducing Her To The Hunt A How-To Guide For Men

If you’re the kind of guy who spends all year dreaming about hunting season, then you probably have a hard time understanding why anyone, not just women, wouldn’t love it just as much as you do. To you, hunting is so much more than stomping around in the woods from dusk ’til dawn chasing the ever-elusive species of your choice. No, to you, hunting is a process that requires hours of hard work and seemingly endless amounts of patience.

Hunting is defined by the surge of adrenaline you feel when that animal steps into your sights for the first time and the respect you pay after a successful harvest. The hunt is addicting and yet you only get to do it once a year.

So how can it be that so many women dread that time of year when their husbands and boyfriends disappear into the woods only to return weeks later with a bushy beard, a few good stories, and hopefully a truckload of meat for the freezer? It’s simple really; it’s hard to love the hunt if you’ve never experienced it. Most women aren’t familiar with the challenge of the stalk and the reward that comes with notching your tag. They see the outside of the process, the dirt, the blood, the guts, but not the glory.

If you want your wife or girlfriend to better understand and take part in the sport, then there are a few you can do to potentially spark her interest and have her sitting eagerly at your side come opening morning. Not all women will take an interest in hunting, just like some men don’t enjoy the sport, but there are a few ways you can encourage her to give it a try and hopefully bring her with you for years to come.

Start Out Small

It’s pretty simple, really. Hunting is all about putting in the effort and reaping the reward. If you hunt for weeks on end and don’t see a single track in the mud, you’re undoubtedly going to get discouraged. So in order to avoid that sort of sticky situation with a first-time hunter, you can start out small. Take her on an easy hunt with a high success rate, like squirrel or deer hunting, depending on your location.

Small game like squirrel can help to get her interested without having to wander far from city limits. And with a higher success rate, you’re ensuring that your lady will feel encouraged after the hunt and ready for more.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of women who love to hunt and harvest an animal after putting in the hard work, but some women might not have the taste for taking down an animal and that is not something you can change or criticize. However, getting her prepared with smaller, easier game will let her decide on her own if hunting is the sport for her.

A Sense of Independence

Considering the fact that very few women hunt in comparison to the amount of men who do, it’s no surprise that many women find hunting to be discouraging and overly-masculine. Chances are, all of your hunting buddies are guys and their girlfriends or wives never bother to join in on the hunt with them. Avoid making her feel left out or like the third wheel by getting her geared up with her own equipment so she can feel equally as prepared and independent as everyone else.

The good thing about today’s gear is that much of it has been specifically designed with the female physique in mind. Women’s hunting packs have narrower shoulder straps and compensate for shorter torsos to help her stay comfortable while adding a touch of femininity to such a rough and tough sport. Many new products are now designed for both men and women so getting her geared up should be easy enough. And if you’re a smart and savvy shopper, it shouldn’t be too expensive to get her the gear either!

The Silver Lining

It’s understandable that many women don’t enjoy being left alone for days or weeks on end while their significant other is out having a blast, regardless of if their in the woods or not. And let’s be honest, could you really make a case if the shoe were on the other foot? So if this is the case for your wife or girlfriend, consider emphasizing the point that going on a hunt together means you both get to spend more quality time together while you’re out in the woods.

If she decides to give hunting a try and you get to take her out on her first small game or deer hunt, make sure you show her your appreciation afterward. Consider sharing a story or two from the hunt with your friends so she can see how much it meant to you that she went. She may quickly find a new appreciation for the sport because of the memories you made together and the strength of your new bond; after all, the couple that hunts together, stays together.

It’s safe to say that not many men can brag about having their wife or girlfriend join them on their hunts, so being one of the lucky few that has this bragging right is quite the treat. However, I am giving you fair warning when I say that the day will come when your woman will tag out on a bigger brute than you, and she’ll likely make sure you never forget it.

A Note For The Ladies

As for the women out there who have men in their lives that seem to live for the hunt, remember… it is a passion that is hard to explain and an experience not easy to forget. It may not make sense to you now, but don’t knock it until you try it. You may find that the close proximity to mother nature and the peaceful solitude that comes from spending a day weaving your way through the wilderness is an experience you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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