Shipping Ponies A short visual field GUide to Shipping ponies alone

Step 1: realize your inspection is nearly a year overdue
Step 2: pick out the ponies' feet and brush their coats. This takes two hands, so it's advisable to set down your camera!
Step three: attempt to load the first pony
Step four: give up, load the other pony first instead.
The good pony is loaded!
Enabling me to trick the bad pony on, too. He realizes he's been duped as the door shuts.
Loaded up and ready to go!
Step five: pull out of the driveway, head to the first farm
On the road again!
Step six: drop off the first pony with his owners. He's wondering why his friend isn't getting off the trailer, too.
Back on the road, heading to great falls, where the second pony is getting a new job
Welcome to Stoneridge!
A long walk to find the pony's new stall...
Lots of new friends to meet!
Step seven: you're done. Chow down!
Created By
Callie Broaddus

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