Judaism First monotheistic religion in the middle east

  1. Judaism is the oldest surviving monotheistic religion
  2. Abraham is traditionally considered the fist Jew and the first to have made a covenant with God
  3. Belief in one God, his prophets, and there is special respect for Prophet Moses, as he is whom gave the law
  4. The holy book is the Torah, and it has the Jewish written law. It consists of the five books of the Hebrew Bible. The term "Torah" can mean the entire corpus of Jewish law, which includes the Written an Oral Law.
  5. Jewish law covers prayer and ritual, diet, rules regulating, personal status, and observance of holidays
  6. Holidays: Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Passover, Hannukah
  7. 3 main branches of Judaism are Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform
  8. Orthodox Jews believe God is a spirit rather than a form.
  9. Conservative Jews believe non-dogmatic and flexible. Most often, God is considered impersonal and ineffable.
  10. Reform Jews allow a varied interpretation of the "God concept" with wide latitude for naturalists, mystics, supernaturalists or religious humanists.
  11. Place of worship is a Synagogue and the leader is the Rabbi
  12. Judaism began in around 2000 B.C. in the Middle East
  13. Similarly to Islam and Christianity, Judaism originated in the Middle East, believes in one God, has Prophets, and originated from Abraham's Covenant with God. Jews and Christians share the Old Testament.

Serene Darwish and Thomas Walus


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