Carving by Devin


My design is my dog Taz. I got the idea from the habit of always walking my dog when I get home. I have Media Arts at the end of the day so I thought of him because I knew that as soon as I get home I will have to walk him. One thought I had was this look just like my dog, so I knew right away that this was perfect. I had to search white and black drawings of pitfalls. It was quite destirbing because I saw lots of pictures of vicious pitbulls even though many pitbulls are very loving like mine so that in some way made want to do it even more.

The process of making my carvy was long and difficult because first I had to find the picture for my dog Taz. Then I had to drop the picture in my folder. After I put the picture in my folder I put the picture in easel. On easel I made sure that there were no red lines and I was clear to carve. There is a drill bit that carves layers, after the layers, the drill bit got more sophisticated, by getting more details into my carving. At first my carving was mostly black later on, I started seeing more white and black, other wise known as positive and negative shapes. In order to make positive and negative shapes you must make sure that your carving has enough lines and spaces. All in all my carving was awesome.

I had to costimize my photo because at fist it was meant to go deeper than it was supposed to. What I did for exchanging black and white or negative and positive shapes is by choosing were the machine carves. I made sure that the carve would go well by waiting and editing to make sure that it was perfect and ready to go, so I wouldn't be upset. My idea changed by looking at other people doing their carve and seeing what type of carve they did or what outline they did. Which ever one I liked the most I went to my carving to see if it looked good on mine. I have to say I couldn't of asked for a better result!

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