"If you are completely exhausted and don't know how you are going to keep going to keep giving this much of yourself day after day you are probably a good parent."

Hello, my name is Ed Boone, I am a single dad who is raising my 15 year old son Christopher who suffers from disabilities that causes him to be really smart, has trouble understanding humans, and needs everything to be literal. His mother who is now my ex wife had had an affair with our neighbor down the street Roger Shears. It was a very difficult time for me. I didn't know how i was ever going to ever be able to tell Christopher what happened. I had to lie to him, I couldn't admit his mother left with another man. Christopher is different from lots of kids, he wouldn't have understood what i meant. I told Christopher his mother died because of a heart attack in the hospital. I've lived a life of this lie hanging over my head for 2 years. After this incident Mrs. Shears who used to be Rogers wife was always more of a mother to Christopher after this all happened. She would come over everyday and make dinner and do the laundry and take care of Christopher when i couldn't. I expected that maybe she would like to move in eventually and we could work together and live a better life. She did not want that, i expect too much out of people. I have a bad temper, I struggle to remember its not Christopher's fault if he does something wrong. He doesn't know better. I own a company called Ed Boone Heating Maintenance and Boiler Repair, i love using tools and doing maintenance. I try too do everything Christopher needs. I love him dearly even if i break down a lot and over react i try and do as much as i can for Christopher.

After i got home one night, Christopher was no where to be in sight. I went upstairs and into my room yelling "Christopher, Christopher." When i walked in i saw the most horrific sight I've seen in a longtime. Christopher lying in my bed with throw up all over the place, my cupboard door open with the letters open scattered all around the bed and floor. It all just hit me at once, Christopher knew that his mother wasn't dead. I felt sick and the tears in my eyes just came out so fast and i kept stuttering while i was trying to speak. I felt that no words could ever explain how both me and Christopher were feeling. I tried explaining, yet still no answer from Christopher. He wouldn't even look me in the face. I never wanted him to find out this way. I wanted to be able to tell him when he could've been able to take it and understand it. I was too late to tell him in any other way.

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