Living Color:Kung Fu Panda 2 By Lyndon GAy

Kung Fu Panda 2 is a movie that is based in the valley of peace. Po accomplished his dream of being the dragon warrior and serving with the other heroes of the valley of peace. Shen is known to be a murderous lord of Gong man City. Lord Shen threatens the Valley of peace with a unstoppable cannon that could destroy all of kung fu. The furious five and Po attempt to stop Lord Shen but the mysterious weapon is to powerful them to control and defeat. Each time Po see's the flag of Lord Shen he remembers painful thoughts. Lord Shen's rage and end up killing masters of Kung Fu such as Thundering Rhino, and imprisoning the furious five, Master, Storm, and Croc. As the story progresses Po discovers who and what his past was. Because of this he gains inner peace. Po returns to Gong man city in order to save his friends in captivity. Po uses inner peace to defeat Lord Shen's cannons. After Po retains victory he urges Lord Shen to let go of his past. Lord Shen refuses to do so and attacks Po. Lord Shen failed in trying to slash Po, but instead Slashes the last rope holding the last cannon inadvertently killing himself. Throughout this experience I saw how taoism affected ancient China.

As I mentioned before, Kung Fu Panda 2 showed many signs of Taoism. One value that was showed many times was yin and yang. In order to achieve inner peace Po must balance himself and forget about his past. This is a excellent example of yin and yang - yin and yang was shown many more times throughout the movie. The fight between Po and Lord Shen. Po uses his inner peace and balance to defeat Lord Shen's cannons. Another example of Po showing yin and yang. Is when he is in his most vulnerable position, rain begin starts to fall. Po puts his arm out and breaks the raindrops fall. He pours his emotion into the raindrop letting go of his past. In accordance with yin and yang he balances the movement of the raindrop with his body.

Another value I saw watching this movie was nature. The valley of peace is filled with greenery and vegetation. In Taoism, oneness with nature is a very important. This was also shown in the clothing. For example Oogway wore a cloth made from silk and spent the majority of his time meditating outdoors. The flowing of Taoism goes against confucian beliefs because it is free flowing, and shows no order.

Po was not supposed to be the dragon warrior in the eyes of many. In Taoism things are never what they are supposed t be unlike Confucianism. Po is supposed to be a soft and friendly panda, but it turns out Po is the savior of China. The Confucius belief of the rectification of names is used to remind people what their role is and who they are designated to be. Confucianist believe that without the rectification of names, everything would fall int chaos. The idea of Po is going against the Confucianist belief of the rectification of names.

Lastly, A Confucius value I saw was the five great relationships. Between Father - Son, Teacher - Student, and Student - Citizen. The teacher would teach kung fu, The student would use Kung Fu to defend the valley of peace. The people would than be great fall for the students defending themselves. Even though this was a Taoist movie the idea of the Five Great relationships was still used.


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