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The French Revolution succeed in many things but failed In many other things. The first failure was that during the French Revolution there was a lot of violence and chaos by the reign of terror. As it failed to establish constitutional monarchy or a representative monarchy, it started in 1789 with absolute monarch king Louis XVI and ended with the military dictatorship of Napoleon Bonaparte. The leaders of these Assemblies cared for the people only to the extent that, they could help them hold onto power. King Louis XVI made france fall in huge debt, from getting money from other countries, the money would be used on him and his family and the people who had to pay it off was the third estate. Men such as Robespierre, and later the members of the Directory, used the National Assembly for their own personal gain.There were some gains made by the Revolution in France.

King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette would use the money from other countries to buy expensive clothing as seen in the image.

While the sans-culottes of Paris were not much better off by the end of 1799, the peasants of rural France had made some progress. The old feudal rights of the lords had been abolished in 1789, and much of the church land that had been seized by the government and sold to investors eventually ended up in the hands of the peasants. The system of taxation had also been revised so the burden did not fall so heavily on the peasants and other members of the Third Estate. The National Assembly also issued the Declaration of the Rights of Man, which said that men are born free and are equal before the law. As could be seen there was a lot of wars due to the French Revolution and numberless of deaths and greed from many wanting the power to rule Europe, but there was many things that was accomplished.

King Louis's Family portrait
Third estate family . As could be seen the family's that have to pay really high taxes don't have the same expensive clothing as the first estate family. This two images have many differences on lifestyles.

Revolutionary leaders feared that they would lose control, so they decided to take a drastic action to avoid a possible counter revolution. What they did was they began a series of accusations, trials and executions, that was known as the reign of terror. There were two main groups that contributed to government during the Reign of Terror. One was the Committee of Public Safety as they were established to ensure the progress of the revolution. The second one was the jacobins, they were the driving force behind the Reign of Terror, the jacobins were influenced mostly by the ideals held by Robespierre, in which Robespierre was quite possibly the most powerful man during the reign of terror, he gave rousing speeches with forceful quotes such as “Terror is nothing other than justice, prompt, severe and inflexible". Somehow Robespierre truly believed the reign of terror was the answer to all of france's problems, but it wasn't like that the reign of terror was a time of chaos in France. It was a time of mass imprisonment, show trial and the guillotine.

Picture of Robespierre aFrench lawyer and politician. He was one of the best-known and most influential figures associated with the French Revolution and the Reign of Terro that caused many deaths.

Although it began with the beheading of the royalists and monarch figures, almost eighty percent of the people guillotined during this time were members of the Third Estate. The idea behind the terror became that “the death penalty was mandated not only for those who spoke out against the Revolution but also for those who did not extol it with efficient zeal”. The number of people executed by the guillotine was overwhelming , there was so many deaths that many people started to complain about blood coming out of the drains. Eventually Robespierre became so extreme that the jacobins couldn no longer fallow him and began to blame Robespierre for all the problems in France and decided to guillotine him. Society at the time of the reign of terror were not happy at all, These people were not gaining freedom; they were being enslaved by terror, not being able to do anything or say anything because they would get guillotine. Third estates had suffered the most, the condition the Revolution was creating for the people was terrible, as all aspects of French life were suffering. France was a " country of local market" but that began to change during the reign of terror, during the time people people were starving, business men where in trouble and the economy was horrible no one could do anything or say anything because they would be silenced. After Robespierre was send to the guillotine, France citizen had been carried up in powerful thoughts of freedom and equality and were now left scared and longing for some sort of stabilized government.

Guillotine being performed as the man hold the head for the crowd.

Great Britain, holland, Spain, Australia, and Prussia were worried enough about the revolution to form coalitions and make war against France. The Americans did not like Nepoleon because he wanted to extant French power in the America. Many other countries did not like Nepoleon because he had the desire to empire Europe and was making changes, like the calander how he changed the name of the days and months. Great Britain was the greatest enemy of France and Nepoleon, Britain had helped organize a series of coalitions of Europeans nations against France. Nepoleon wanted to defeat Great Britain until he did Europe wouldn't be in peace. Many countries like Britain, Russia, and Spain combined to defeat nepoleon, that's how much the countries didn't like Nepoleon and wanted him out of Europe.

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