Gulliver's Travels Author:Jonathan Swift :Tysen long

Gulliver's Travels was about an English surgeon that when on voyages. In his voyage he was on a boat all alone and then out of nowhere a large storm was upon him. Later he was shipwreck on an unknown land and little that he knew, Gulliver was not alone. Gulliver was unconscious when he was on the unfamiliar beach . As he was awaken by the touching of what feel like tiny hands, his eyes open as if he was looking through a crack of a door.

My personal view of the book was very inspire.The reason is that he was a real adventure. Even though he was first taken capture on the island and sent of too by the end.He still was a hero when he grab all the enemy boat and made the retreat.Also i think that he risk his life when the storm made him crash.


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