Survival Guide by lance wetta

Survival guide tips

  • never travel with a cross or bible where it is visible
  • always avoid unnecessary contact with any guards
  • never pray in public
  • if you are caught do not give them any information about the rest of the church

Why you should come

The catholic church has many great things to offer. It gives hope to the hopeless by helping them build their relationship with god. It will build a community of loving friends and families that will never turn their back on you. The whole church will always be there for you in your time of need and they will never let you down.

Secret meetings and church

  • all meetings will be held in secret and never tell anyone that could be suspected of being a spy about them.
  • all masses will be held underground in basements or in the old parts of the catacombs.
  • the leaders will give out new information about the location each week and they will be handed out by letters, after you have received the letter you are asked to burn it so that it cannot be traced.
  • if you are caught do not give out any names or places because it could jeopardize the whole church.

Rules you must follow

  • if you leave the faith because you are afraid of death you are not aloud back into the church
  • always keep a strong faith and be willing to die for the catholic church
  • always burn written information after receiving it so it cannot be traced
  • follow the ten commandments
  • do not give out information to strangers
  • attend church at every possible time that it is offered

Gain other members

  • not everyone will be welcomed into the church, for someone to want to join they will be followed and watched to make sure they are not spies.
  • anyone can ask to join but some will not pass threw after they have been checked
  • we will always be on the lookout for new members


The churches added onto the map are the three main buildings that will be used for mass and then if the building no longer can have mass , the mass will be moved underground into the catacombs.


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