Jermaine Lewis Media arts portfolio

In this photo I used the magic wand and eraser to bring out the main color in this picture.I made this art work in photoshop.I got the idea of this topic while playing the game Dragon Ball Battle of Z.

Ghetto Wave

This art is called Ghetto Wave because when I was young and in the ghetto 24/7 I went to beach with my family and we saw a wave just like this one. This reminds me a lot about the wave.In photo shop I had switch the font type to my favorite font type the ghetto font type to match my experience as a kid to the image. This is my favorite design because it shares an attachment to my past.

In this art piece I created these shades based on memories of my old pair of shades I lost a couple of years ago, they were my favorite shades in the world. In this art piece I created I used my paint brush and eraser to get how I like it.

This is the art piece I created for google doodle it is based on my favorite show called dragon ball super. I think it is really cool and I also spent a lot of time on this art piece it is special to me.


This is the art piece I created for Halloween and I named it Moonoween. I created this art out of a yellow moon with a scary face added to it, plus in the eyes of the scary picture there are skulls with shades on.

In this art piece I put the words that was in my head and made it into a Nike billboard. The words No Pain No Gain is my motto that me and my family live by.

My Profile

In this typography collage it is all about my life and what I do now.I had put my family in this art piece because they're a big part of life because without them I wouldn't were I am at now.

In this art piece I created I based it off of my favorite show called DBZ it's my favorite show of all time. I created antenna on the Dragon just like on the dragon on the show.

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