January in the UK My time at oxford so far

"I wonder anybody does anything at Oxford but dream and remember- the place is so beautiful. One almost expects the people to sing instead of speaking. It is all - the colleges I mean - like an opera. " - William Butler Yeats

Our first field trip was to Greenwich outside of London where the Naval Academy is and the 0 meridian line is. It was also the birthplace of Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I.

The center white house is the Queen's House. I will show you pictures from the inside later.
The chapel was actually designed by an American from Pennsylvania!
This is the spiral, tulip staircase inside the Queen's House.

Back to Oxford!

Oxford University is divided up into several small colleges, mine is Keble College (pronounced Key-Bull). It was the first university to accept people not in the gentleman class. It was also one of the first universities to accept Catholics. The use of brick was controversial because it was considered the working class material and all the gentleman at Oxford didn't want to be associated with the working class.

The one thing about the libraries here at Oxford that isn't too great is that most of them you can't take pictures inside. I snuck some on my cell phone though but I can't exactly hide my camera.

This is Duke Humphrey's Library where they filmed Harry Potter's library scenes. The library was donated by King Henry VII's brother.
This is inside the Radcliffe Camera where all the history books are located. It is where I spend a majority of my time.
Contrary to popular belief, there are some days where it doesn't rain! This is the outside of the Radcliffe Camera and the college to the left is All Souls College.
This is inside the divinity school, which is inside the Bodleian Library (which is the cover photo).
This is where we take our oaths to be good members of the library and if you get kicked out this is where your disciplinary hearing is. Even more interesting, parliament was held here twice! Once during the Black Death because they wanted to protect the gentleman from the disease in London and another time during World War II.
I made a cooking group with some people here! This is my group eating the beef stew I made! And they didn't die!

I have also been doing a lot of exploring of the other colleges, the town, and local parks.

This is the street with my favorite local sandwich shop!
This is the back of Christ Church College.
This is on the top of Oxford Castle (which is not a Castle, it is a hill)

The last three are views of Magdalene college.


I hope you enjoyed this photo tour and I will be sending more at the end of February!

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