FREE Cloud Check Up "Learn how to save 30% or more on your cloud computing bill immediately"

Free Cloud Check Up

The Cloud Check Up is a detailed assessment of your cloud infrastructure, provided by one of our cloud technical consultants and is designed to pinpoint optimisation opportunities which can help correct over-spending. The free report will also identify security & compliance vulnerabilities and help you plan resources needed to address each one.

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Optimise your costs across cloud platforms & reduce your cloud bill by up to 30%

Analyse historical usage and generate reports to better plan for future projects

Pinpoint wasted resources and highlight re-sizing recommendations

GAP analysis report with more than 600 best practice checks to reduce risk

Identify security vulnerabilities & compliance gaps

Compare against 35 different standards including HIPAA, PCI DSS, NIST & More

Monitor, self-heal and ensure compliance

Clear cloud vision

Solve cloud management challenges

When scaling cloud environments, organisations find it increasing challenging to ensure cost efficiency, prevent lapses in security and maintain compliance posture.

More often than not, cloud teams do not proactively seek out a solution to their cloud management problems until it's too late. Typically, only after cloud budgets are exceeded or security incidents occur is the realisation that help and guidance is required.

Cloud administrators need visibility into operations in order to identify opportunities for improved cloud governance and the FREE cloud check up is here to help you.

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Simoda & CloudCheckr, proud to be making the cloud a better place to for your business

We deliver total visibility from public cloud to hybrid workloads making the most complex cloud infrastructures easier to manage

Our SaaS based platform provides industry leading cost management, finance management, cloud security, total compliance, inventory & utilisation & cloud automation

In todays technology driven world competitive edge is critical to business success, at Simoda we believe disruption + innovation = transformation

Daniel Bumby, Managing Director, Simoda Limited

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