Our Journey 2016-2017

February 27th - March 3rd

This week was a busy one! We went to the Holland Center to play our recorders. 4th grade has been working hard for the past few weeks to get ready for this HUGE event. Every 4th grader in the district came. 5th grade was apart of this from last year and they got the chance to enjoy the performance.

In math this week 4th grade has been working on adding and subtracting fractions that have a common denominator. This has been a fun unit to focus on. We looked at precipitation averages in different cities and worked to find the differences with those amounts.

5th graders have been working on finding the volume of prisms. We started by using cubes to fill shapes that we created to see how many it needs to be filled. One of the activities that helped us understand volume was to find the total volume of our classroom. That was a tough task but we rocked it. Finding the volume of a shape can be done by multiplying the length, the width and height together. The next step for us is to discuss what we notice happening to the total volume when one or more of the dimensions is doubled.

Conferences were a success for all of us. Mr. Herman and I were so happy to get the chance to talk to all of you about your child. This year is flying by and we have make so much progress. I will try to share those videos that we made with each of you in the next week. They turned out awesome. Thank you for again for all you do.

This week we started our Mystery Student. We randomly pick a student each day to watch. We have talked about being kind to others, listening to directions the first time and staying focused on the activity. If the Mystery Student does this all day- they get to draw a prize. Jacob won reserved seating at the round table for 2 days.

Jalen was also chosen as the mystery student. He drew a JACK POT card which game him lunch bunch with 4 friends, reserves seating at the big table and a snack day.

Keep working hard every day... maybe your day is coming!

Friday we had another Mystery Skype with a classroom. It was so much fun to connect with another class that is outside of our state. The goal of our Mystery Skype is to learn how to use maps, understand time zones and connect with other classrooms around the world. So far this year we have skyped with classrooms in Texas, New Jersey and Nebraska.

Face of the Week

Meet Olivia. She is a 4th grader here at Crescent. She has been here since kindergarten. She is 10 years old. Her birthday is December 14th. She has 2 pets. She has a dog named Lady and a blue parakeet named Jay.

Olivia loves to draw pictures and read. She said she is really good at drawing. If you need any pointers- she is your girl.She is reading a book right now called Prisoner B-3087. She is loving it.

Olivia has 2 sisters. They are both older than she is. Their names are are Halie and Heather.

One of her favorite places to visit is Adventure Land. She loves to go on roller coasters. The higher, the faster- the better. The Storm Chaser ride is her absolute favorite!

Dates to Remember

- No school Monday March 6th- Wednesday March 8th

- Friday March 17th-- 5th grade All City Music Festival ** 4th grade will not be going to this. They will stay at Crescent and have a normal day. There was a permission slip for them to join but this is a change.

- March 22nd- We will be going to Iowa Western to watch a play at the Performance Arts.

- March 29th- We are going to the Equestrian World Cup to learn about how horses compete and the scores they get. We get to go behind the scenes with a guided tour. This is going to be a great day.

April 5th-- Power Hour Lunch Event. We will be eating as a class from 11:40-11:55 then we will have you help us with a Mystery Skype. This is going to be so much fun. Make sure you brush up on your map reading skills because we are here to win. We have got this down to a science! We hope everyone is able to come!


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