Tattoos on the Heart Phroject By jonathan haile

Preface and introduction: This sets up the whole entire story and how it all began. It talks about how he was the poorest parche in LA and how he wanted to make a difference. He talks about how he they started homeboy bakery to get gang members off the street and how it was a big step for them. He also talks about they had some not so good ideas that didn't work out about plumbing.

Chapter 1 God I guess: In this chapter father Greg explains that this whole book is about god and not just this chapter. He explains that at times we may think that God does not fully love us but eventually you will realize that he fully loves you and to never question it. He goes in to tell us that our image of God will change depending on what is on our mind but he will always the same. He says that true meaning of God is joy and it is always something that we want in life. Overall this is one of the most important part of this book because God is always the center of the story
Chapter 2 dis-grace: Father Greg starts of by saying that in the Bible it of says that even in our darkest hours we are known by God. Even though that feel like they are disgrace can become the messenger of God because you are know by God. He talks about a author that said that our self is not able to survive without love and with out love we starve so everyone needs love. He starts to tell a about a girl that believed she was a disgrace and even G didn't think much of her. Then she ask him for hell and this shows that even someone as low as her still needs to be loved. This is my favorite part of the story because it shows how he lowest of low people still want to be loved and helped.
Chapter 3 Kinship:He defines Kinship as a deep and strong relationship he talks about how mother Teresa was the one who really drove kinship. He talks about how when all of the homies found out that he had leukemia they were all very concern about him. All of the homies decided that they will stand by him and support him through all these rough times. They tried to help and show him kinship in there own way with a 15 year that told him about his cat that died to cancer. This is such a important part of the book because it shows how they all now have a bond a care about each other.

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