Temple of the Six Banyan Trees October 2015

I like old places and especially temples, so the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees in Guangzhou, China sounds like a good place to explore. I am a little nervous as I leave as it is two subway rides away and then some streets to navigate. But I get there and love the quiet calm atmosphere of this old temple.

I pay my 5 RMB (about 80 American cents) and enter.

There are actually a number of temples in the compound, some small and others quite large. The temple was originally built in 537 AD in the Liang dynasty so has been here a long time.

The temple was burned down and rebuilt in the Northern Song dynasty. Flower Pagoda, the main structure of the temple, was built in 1097, and was named for its colorful exterior. The Flower Pagoda once had a square base in its architecture, but was given an octagonal shaped base after it was rebuilt in 1097. It was rebuilt again in 1373 AD after another fire in the early Ming dynasty period, and restored in 1900.

There is plenty to see here, including the Various statues of Buddha, the architecture and some lovely orchids.

Every step, every turn yields new sights...

It really is a beautiful place and hard to imagine a Buddhist temple in China considering everything that happened in Tibet.

The monks were chanting inside a large hall - a very peaceful and relaxing sound. Something both to listen to and also experience at the same time. When they were finished they left and walked to their chambers.

I think this monk found me quite amusing! :)

On my way out I passed the monks chambers which seemed to be in a very nice building. I loved the contrast of the gray stone with the red lanterns.

All in all a very pleasant start to my day.

Next up is a walk to find the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall...

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