Development Project Julian Coles

Zygote- the fertilized egg which contains all the DNA necessary for a baby (first 2 wks.)
Embryo: the baby's major systems and structures develop and cells differentiate; rapid growth and some external features begin to form; stage when the baby is most at risk of teratogens that could cause birth defects (2-8 wks.)
Fetus: major organs develop and by 6 months the baby has a better chance of surviving prematurely; the baby looks more human (9 wks.-birth)
Newborn: develop more motor skills, like kicking or grasping, and reflexes, communicate through movement and facial expressions (birth-1 yr)
Toddler: develop gross and fine motor skills, speech from single words into sentences, and gain basic social skills like taking turns, sharing and imaginary play (1-3yrs.)

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