2016 was a year of changes: The Faculty of International Business and Economics is, for the next 4 years, under new leadership; we have a new strategy and new partnerships.

We do continue the tradition of the past 40+ years to provide our students with the best education in international business and economics, to help them reach their global ambitions and to enrich the knowledge in our field through top research.

This is the brief story of our year...

The 2016-2020 Leadership of the Faculty of International Business and Economics: (top row, from left) Dean, Professor Gheorghe HURDUZEU, Ph.D., Vice-Deans: Professor Anca Gabriela ILIE, Ph.D., Professor Cristian Valeriu PAUN, Ph.D., (bottom row, from left) Lecturer Irina DAVID, Ph.D., Head of Modern Languages and Business Communication Department, Professor Mariana NICOLAE, Ph.D., Head of the International Business and Economics Department, Professor Radu Cristian MUSETESCU, Ph.D.

We would like to thank all the previous leaders of our Faculty for bringing us to 2016 as a successful institution. A very grateful thought goes to the Dean of the Faculty between 2012 and 2016, Professor Dumitru MIRON, Ph.D., currently the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Centre for Research in International Business and Economics.

We also provide 1 year of Romanian for Beginners for Foreign students. In the past 3 years, we have been the hosts of more than 175 students from 25 countries.

About the fuel for our engagement, our students:

This year, we have developed partnerships with important companies, we became affiliated to important organisations and we have created new courses:

We have started, continued and wrapped up research projects:

We carried on the research in our Research centres

We continued to provide you information about the volatility of Romanian markets on indicevolatilitate.ase.ro

We have launched some books....

We have organized conferences, workshops and roundtables

We participated in the development of descriptors for Mediation within the European Language Levels.

Next year , we have a lot of things planned:

Thank you for being a part of our lives in 2016 and Stay tuned to the life of REI @ www.rei.ase.ro

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