Wealth Disparity in Close Proximity By aaron diggdon

Due to the influx of wealthy tech companies in Northen California, gentrification has become an inevitable change over the past decade. Long-time locals are being priced out of their homes and are unwillingly forced to leave their communities. However, the many that can't afford to relocate, are compelled to the streets. These sudden changes create a unique demographic for San Francisco, in which wealth disparity is prevalent.

In this photo story, I worked to display the economic divide in the Financial District of San Francisco, the well known heart of the city. This neighborhood's skyscrapers house some of the wealthiest tech moguls and businesses in the nation, if not the world. The area's main shopping center, The Westfield Mall, is a hub for the upper-middle and upper class. Contrast is displayed just feet from its walls, where vast numbers of homeless people wander the streets, often begging for their survival.


All Photos Credited to Aaron Diggdon

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