Journey Log 1 Alex Clark - CLark_13 - ENGL 1030 41 - RANGER

Habits used: Curiosity

The first week of class set the foundation for what we will do during lecture and on the time on our own. During the first few days, I was shown how this will not be a typical composition class. Instead, we will approach English through the use and relation of video games and other worldly tools. This may be hard for many. However, for me, it will make the course more approachable. One reading we looked into was “Exploring.” This piece showed me about going “Down the rabbit hole” and looking at life from the inside of it. If you look into Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you learn that it was created in 1865 and was a revolutionary and though provoking story. This fantasy world that is created conflicts with a person’s logic. Later on, we learn that Alice explores a hidden and different world. She is curious to see what she hasn’t seen yet. Her curiosity leads her to meet new friends and live a life of adventure. She takes full advantage of her curiosity.

Another reading that I read was “Beginning.” Beginning tells a story of how writing isn’t as logical and rigid as it sounds. In fact, writing is heavily depended on what you are writing about. You can’t simply say use this writing form and style to discuss your topic. Instead, you must take each writing on a case by case basis in order to fit your topic. For example, if you are writing to discuss the evolution of the finches on the Galapagos Islands, you would not say “I think” or that “it appears to be.” Instead you would say that “the evidence points to this” and other logical transitions. This is a curious topic to me because I go through this process every day. I have to decide how to speak to someone based on the situation and who they are.'s_Adventures_in_Wonderland's_finches


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