13 reasons why By:Jay Asher

13 reasons why was published in 2007 by Jay Asher. Jay asher is an american writer for teens. He has also written the future of us and what light. He is 41 and lives in CA.

Hannah is a teenager who commits suicide and she makes 13 tapes as to reasons why she did it. Each tape has a new persons name on it and the reason why they pushed her to do what she did.

The story is being told by Clay who went to school with Hannah and she was his school crush. He receives the tapes and has no clue how he fits into her decision to end her life so he listens to the tapes ans follows her story to figure out the reasoning behind it.

Throughout the tapes Hannah tells us stories about the people in her life who have given her reasons to end her life.

I like how the book goes through Hannah's life and describes the reasoning behind her decision, what I don't like about the book is how it always flips between clay's voice and Hannah's.

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