Help a Child in Need Amanda Valency

My project is about adoption and why you should help kids. There are many kids who were neglected and forced to live without a family and I think that this should come to an end.

Why This Problem Needs to be Solved and What we Can do.

This problem needs to be solved or addressed because many kids are neglected and are forced to live in adoption centers. We all take what we have for granted like our house, food, clothes but many kids in shelters don’t have the things that we have. The kids are also looking for a family. We have a family and someone to look after us, but these kids don’t have that. A few people adopt kids for their own. However, there are still many kids that are in need of a family. We need to help these kids!

Also, this will help kids see how lucky we are to have things. We have I phones, X Boxes, and other great things, but ,most of these kids don’t even have food or clothes! It will also help kids take a stand and help the community. The kids will want to donate things to the kids and even raise money for them.

To help explain how adopting kids works and how it feels to be in a adoption center, view my virtual reality in cospaces!

In addition to my cospaces, you can view my game on scratch to see how to take care of an adopted child.

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