My life

I was born in Guadalajara Jalisco ,Mexico on April 26, 2001.
My cousin is name Byron.
I have another cousin and her name is Tania Tamayo.
My girlfriend is name Judith Daleth Madriz Arevalo.
This is My girlfriend, my Mother-in-Law, and my girlfriend's cousin.
This is my first day at SSHS, and I am very nervous.
On January 6, 2014 was a very happy day for me. That was the day Judith became my girlfriend.
My birthday is April 26.
When I came to the United States I was very nervous because I didn't know the language. I was in a country that was new and around people I didn't know.
My first school in the United States was in Dallas,Texas. The name of the school is H .Grady Spruce. And now I'm in another high school in Sulphur Spring, Texas. to United States for study in the school.
The reason I came to the United States is to study and become successful.
To me what I like the United States is that the people the respect you.
But what like least about here is that to go anywhere you have to drive because it is far.
Created By
Alex Gasca

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