Technology Use in Children saving Children before they harm themselves

Technology is often considered to help make life easier and can be useful for everyday life. However as the technology use in young Children rises, studies have shown that technology is more harm than helpful to children.

Any screen time impairs social communication, development, and a child’s attachment to the parent or other family members.

When Children are occupied with their tablet or device they miss out on opportunities to develop social skills.

Technology use in children harms their social skills which results in lack of ability for children to relate and connect to peers.

Kids that experienced technology at a young age will not be able to pick up on social ques.

Parents must take action and ban all technology for their children of 3 or younger, so that their children do not have any distractions in the way of their social development.

If children are completely disconnected from technology they have time to develop relationships with others. They can develop other needed sensory-motor skills playing with physical toys, develop reading skills, and developing relationships with other children.


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