Syrian attacks By. RoBert Gawronski JR

This past week there was a Chemical attack in suburban rebel town. This chemical attack happened at 7 am and killed 69 people. Some humanitarian groups said as many as 100 has died so far. This wasn't a peaceful attack . The gas would suffocate people from the inside out. This would result in people foaming out of the mouth and dieing. The saddest part is 1/3 of the deaths were kids. Many of the first responders to check out the bomb died from the gas . Donald Trump was very devastated and blamed the attack on Syrian president Bashar-Al-Assad. President Assad said it wasn't them and that the rebels had attacked the small town. Syria attacked this town because it was a rebel owned town. Big evidence pointing toward the Syrian army was recently it was said a Syrian warplane attacked an insurgent storehouse cointaing toxic substances to be used in chemical attacks. Many people are outraged about this. Humanitarian groups are demanding action from the United. The Us just had a comment saying "Russia and Iran also bear great moral responsibility for these deaths"(America). This wasn't the first time Syria used chemical weapons on their people. 4 years ago they signed a treaty saying they will get rid ear chemical weapons. This was after they killed over 1000 people last chemical attack.

Recently Syria conducted a horrendous act of violence on their own people. Syria used a chemical bomb that would suffocate the people that encounter the dangerous gas. The nerve agent used was sarin, this agent is banned from warfare. It isnt concluded but western countries believe Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad is the one that conducted the attack on his own people which was one of the worst atrocity during the Syrian civil war. Syria is rushing to say they have no involvement and their Allies Russia and Iran are backing them up. This wasn't the first time Syria used chemical weapons on their people. In 2013 they used the same nerve agent to kill over 1000 people which was later banned and forced Syria to sign a treaty that would make them get rid of all of their chemical weapons. The attack has believed to kill 86 people which included 28 children. These numbers are not including the bodies sent to turkey. Recently their were scientists sent out to to autopsies on the bodies to see the reason for their death. Normally they would decline the offer because the evidence didn't come straight from their team but they have accepted this time after yearsof evidence gathered up.

France, Britain and the United States have circulated a draft resolution at the United Nations Security Council condemning the attack and demanding Syria’s cooperation — including access to all military flight logs of Syrian aircraft operating in Idlib during the attack. Recently it was said that "these crimes must not remain unpunished, one day international justice will be served.

Israel has made very bold comments recently, stating that Syria president Bashar Assad was directly responsible for the chemical attack that left scores dead and spurred international outrage and calls for action against Damascus . In a recent interview a member of the Israeli government said that he was 100% certain that Assad himself was directly responsible for the attack . In the attack 80 plus had been reported dead and in that a,punt over 20 were innocent children. This attack has been blamed on Assad by Trump and the EU. Syria has denied these actions and their Allie Russia has said that they have never used chemical weapons and never will use chemical weapons. Israel currently believe that Assad has chemical weapons stockpiled right now in his Arsenal, despite a 2013 agreement that said they had to disband all chemical weapons from their country. A Israeli government official also stated that after the attack while people were being transported to the hospital, the hospitals were also bombed by chemical bombs making it hard for people to find needed medical attention . " the word peace is not relevant to the Middle East, we can reach diplomatic arrangements but not peace.

First off after reading these stories, it is hard to know how Bashar Al-Assad is still president. This man has attacked his people time and time again and doesn't have any consequences. In 2013 when he slaughtered his people nothing happened to him, all he had to do was sign a treaty which has recently been broken. What Bashar Al-Assad has done recently is illegal and should be punished. It is quite obvious that Bashar attacked his own people. Recently the Syrian army raided a shelter that contained chemicals that people can use to make bombs. Also this town was controlled by the rebels which is relevant because al-Assad said rebels had attacked the civilians. Why would rebels attack their own town? They won't because that is very dumb. Now that they have a good idea who did it, now it is time to see if they will get in trouble. Their are many reasons why this is bad and illegal. One you can't use chemical weapons on any one, Syria signed a treaty with America saying they will get rid of all their chemical weapons(which this is confirming that they lied), and he killed his own people. Trump will not ignore this problem. After the attacks happened American diplomats wanted the UN to respond and bring Bashar to court. Meanwhile this was happening Trump dropped 60 bombs on the base that the chemical weapons were from. This wasn't meant to kill people but as a warning sign. This could be the beginning of the end for everyone. If the US goes to war with Syria, Russia will step in because they are allies with Syria and they will attack us. This will start World War III and will take many lives. I and many other people are hoping that America resolves this problem through the UN because in the long run it will save many lives.


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