Tony Fajardo AP Studio art Portfolio 2020

Even when I was younger, I have been intrigued by the nature of creating things with my own hands and our ability to imagine and create something beautiful with our minds. I very much believe in the saying, “A picture is worth a 1000 words” as a visual image can be interpreted in so many different ways. I create because the visual arts is one of the best means of communication and making a connection with one another. The creation of something through different mediums always intrigued me and seeing how creative some artists could get led me to set myself up for challenges. I appreciate the discipline of the artist in executing the development of detail in a work.

My Sustained Investigation focuses on the night view of urban settings. Most importantly, I wanted to structure a narrative, a journey, through these settings to capture one’s visual experience. I decided to use scratchboard as an effective medium to achieve the effects of contrasting lights and darks. In particular, streets and buildings provided me with forms that carry the viewer’s eye through linear perspective. There’s something special about the nighttime that expresses fascination, wonder and bewilderment within the city that cannot be replicated in the daytime. The large buildings and streets can be overwhelming for some, but my Sustained Investigation has allowed me to reveal a glimpse into a small world that only lasts for a few hours.

"Corner Stop" Scratchboard, 19'' x 12''
"Looking Outward" Scratchboard, 12'' x 12.5''
"Midnight Run" Scratchboard, 12.5'' x 12''
"Coffee Shop" Scratchboard, 19'' x 12''
"Grocery Run" Scratchboard, 14'' x12''
Theatre Visit Color Ink on Clayboard, 11'' x 14''
"Traffic Stop" Sgraffito on Color Inked Claybord, 11'' x 14''
"Broadway Exit" Sgraffito on Color Inked Clayboard, 8.5'' x 14''
"Colosseum" Inked Clayboard, 11'' x 14''