30 Beauty Hacks, Facts Tips and Tricks for Lazy girls

Lazy Girls guide
  • .How to do the bare minimum but look like you put in some effort into your face with the following beauty hacks, facts, and tricks. We all have those lazy days where the snooze button is our best friend or we only feel like applying a minimal amount of work to our look for the day. . So even if you’re having an off day, you can still look like you’re on your game. Here are beauty hacks, facts and tricks that will honestly help you achieve a great look quickly and They'll skim off serious minutes from your morning routine and will give you way more time in your happy place: under the duvet.
Lazy Girls Guide
Wipe eye makeup off at night time and the morning after

1. Make sure you always completely remove the previous day's eye makeup. Sure, you probably used a wipe to take off your eye makeup the night before, but you probably also woke up with a mess under your eyes. The key to looking good is to start fresh and wipe that excess makeup off, even if you're not planning on putting on any more.

Using eyelash curler

2. Curl your lashes for an instantly wide-awake effect. Don't have time to put on or perfect a mascara application? . Instead, just curl your lashes it works just as well. Doing so will give you a doe-eyed look, leaving you looking like you just got a full night's sleep.

Apply lipstick to cheeks , lips, eyes

3. If you're in a pinch, use the same color on your eyes, cheeks, and lips. Choose a shade that will accentuate each area, like a berry hue, and lightly apply it, then blend.

Using primer on makeup sponge

4. Cut out a step from your makeup routine by using primer on your makeup sponge.You'll be dampening the sponge and simultaneously giving a longer-lasting finish to your foundation.

Bright Red Lipstick

6. Wear Bright red lipstick Even if the rest of you still looks half-asleep, a super bright lipstick will make you look like you spent time on your makeup, even if you didn’t.

Groom Eyebrows

7. Before tweezing your brows, fill them in first so you don't overpluck.

Baby powder

8. Dust baby powder onto skin after false tanning to soak up any stickiness The baby powder will soak up any stickinessbut leave the colour in place. .

Seasalt Spray

9. Spray your hair with a seasalt spray and scrunch to disguise greasy roots. No time to wash your hair and no dry shampoo around? Go for the beachy look instead.

Dry Shampoo

10. Revive flat hair and make it instantly more voluminous with dry shampoo. Sure, you know dry shampoo sops up oil in no time, but it can also take your hair from blah to bombshell in seconds. Just lift your hair up so the dry shampoo reaches your roots, then flip your head upside down to fluff it, and voilà: Victoria's Secret-worthy volume.

Add blush to cheeks and eyelids

11. Add blush to your cheeks and eyelids to instantly make yourself look alive. Want to look like a human who got eight hours of sleep even though you didn't? Take a universally flattering peach blush and sweep it over your cheeks and lids. Boom: You're a new person, ready to take on the day.

Shiny Lipstick to Matte

12. Immediately turn your shiny lipstick into a matte version with translucent powder. Tap a brush lightly coated in translucent powder over your lips to take it from glossy to matte.

13. Apply concealer before lipstick to make it last longer. Plus it’ll make thecolor pigment pop, too.

Microwave eyeliner

14. Microwave Gel Eyeliner Yeah, we don’t all have the time (or motivation) to stock up on our beauty products. So if you find your gel eyeliner growing thin, just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds!

Warm up eye pencil with a lighter

15.. make your pencil eyeliner easier to use by warming it up first using a lighter. The flame will slightly melt the pencil into a gel liner, making it go on easier and quicker.

Add saline solution to Mascara

16. Use a Saline Solution to Make Mascara Last LongerSpeaking of making older makeup products lasting longer, if you’re running out of mascara too, just add a few drops of saline solution!

Applying mascara to gray roots

17. Apply Mascara to gray roots.. Now if you’re feeling too lazy to get your hair touched up, try applying mascara (that matches your haircolor) to your roots!

Exfoliate chapped lips

18. Exfoliate Chapped Lips with an Old Mascara Wand I hate having chapped lips with dead skin, but this hack will definitely help me out when I want them to look smooth.

Add Vaseline before perfume

19. Add Vaseline Before Perfume. You want your perfume to last longer when out (especially if you didn’t feel like taking a shower), then try applying Vaseline before spraying.


20. If you're out of liquid or gel eyeliner, borrow some mascara instead of going to the store. Use a small liner brush to grab the formula on your mascara brush.

Wear a hat

21. No time to wash your hair and out of dry shampoo? Just put a hat on it. Done!

Apply Vaseline to feet at bedtime

#22 Apply moisturizer or Vaseline on your feet, and put on some cozy socks before you go to bed and keep the moisturizer or Vaseline on your feet through out the night while you sleep.

Shower the night before

#23. Shower the night before, so you don't have to the next day. Besides shaving minutes off the next morning, rinsing off the night before has other benefits. After a night of sleep, your hair will be more pliable and easier to style..

24. If you're too impatient to wait for your moisturizer, toner, and self-tanner to dry, or for your makeup to set, then blast your skin with a blow-dryer on the cool setting. Certain products (toner, tanner) need to dry completely before you move on to your next step when getting ready, and a blow-dryer can really help speed up that process.

Save final touches for the train ride

25. Save your final touches — like mascara, cheek tint, and lipstick — for your commute. It might annoy others, but applying the less-involved products on the subway or bus will shave minutes off your routine at home. But you might want to apply messier things, like foundation, before you get on a crowded train.

BB Cream

26. Instead of putting on face lotion, SPF, and foundation individually, invest in one great BB cream, This formula has emollients and optical pearl pigments to hydrate and reduce the look of fine lines, plus SPF 35 sun protection.

Wear headband

27. If you skipped shampooing in order to snooze a little longer, you can still look as put together as Queen B. Just throw on a cute headband, and head out the door.

Lip and cheek stain

28. If you only have time to grab one product for your purse, make it a lip and cheek stain.

Avoiding clumps

29. To avoid getting mascara clumps on your lashes, which would require extra cleanup time, roll your mascara brush over a tissue before applying.

Vaseline and coconut oil

30. All that time you use to straighten your hair in the mornings could be used on extra sleep or extra bagels. Instead, try using a bit of Vaseline to tame fly-aways or coconut oil to get sleek hair.


Sometimes we get up a little too late for work and have to rush, and sometimes we’re just not feeling like spending an hour in the bathroom. And even when we feel like this, we still want to look good, which is why the beauty hacks in this article can help you achieve max results quickly! All you have to do is just apply a few of these tips and tricks and you’ll be ready to walk out of the house.

Red Lips

If you've really pushed it or overslept, just reach for one product: red lipstick. Even if you wear nothing else and just a red pout, you'll look miraculously put together and glamorous. Plus, you can put it on while you're riding the elevator up to your office.

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