YGL Highlights World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2020

Kicking off what many are calling the “decade to deliver”, 63 YGLs from around the world were selected to join the official YGL delegation to the 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

The Forum’s 50th anniversary provided an opportunity to converge around a set of ethical principles to guide companies in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through a revised Davos Manifesto. Centered around the theme of Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World, this Annual Meeting was a turning point for many participants to take up responsibility towards an expanded array of stakeholders, including the environment and communities, global and local.

Need an overview of what happened in Davos? Here is what you should know!

Complementing the Annual Meeting’s theme, the YGL Community seized the spotlight to champion responsible leadership and cross-generational collaboration. Our community joined other world leaders to introduce new ideas to advance a more sustainable and cohesive planet.

Through interactive community sessions woven across a rich public program, the community:

The YGL Delegation is not just any delegation!

We show what a new generation of leaders looks and acts like: #Multicultural #Womenleadership #ResponsibleLeaders #PushingtheAgenda #Impact #WeSeeEqual #PurposeOverProfit #EngagingStakeholders

The day before the Annual Meeting kicked off, the YGL delegation had a day-long programme to help focus, articulate and support one another’s goals during the week. Time spent solely within the community meant the delegation was even more prepared to take advantage of the week to come. Throughout the week, the group had access to exclusive opportunities to learn from courageous and committed leaders from various sectors, including:

  • Professor Klaus Schwab, who spoke about his lessons from building the international organization for public-private cooperation over the past 50 years, namely the importance of endless optimistic and constructive action in order to drive change.
  • Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly of Venezuela and recognized by more than 50 countries as Interim President of Venezuela, spoke about the courage and conviction it has taken to persist through leadership challenges in his home country.
  • Youth Climate Changemakers, Isabelle Axelsson and Loukina Tille, shared their passion and perspective on the challenges of galvanizing intergenerational change to protect the earth.
  • Brian Moynihan, CEO of Bank of America, engaged the group on the importance of realigning business interests to serving all stakeholders, particularly as evidence suggests results in good business.
  • Ajay Banga, MasterCard CEO, spoke about his commitment to social impact and investing in future leaders. The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth launched a fellowship for a select number of YGLs from social enterprises in emerging markets.

YGLs Took Centre Stage

Inspired the world through #ResponsibleLeadership

With a programme centered around seven themes, YGLs and Alumni shaped the public agenda. During the meeting, YGLs raised critical questions, forged dialogue around difficult topics and shared their insights with over 160 speaking roles on the theme of Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World. Our community spurred new action across business, government and civil society.

Check out some of these live-streamed sessions:

All live-streamed sessions can be found on the World Economic Forum website

Also check out the official Photo Library

Launched a #ResponsibleLeadership Movement

In partnership with Accenture and the Global Shapers Community, our community is forging a new, multi-generational leadership direction.

Our multi-year initiative between Accenture and our communities of young and emerging leaders gained momentum during our week in Davos, with specific sessions exploring the meaning and implications of Responsible Leadership. With support from Board Member Peter Lacy, our community is contributing to a new framework to help organizations develop environments where individuals, teams and societies thrive.

Unsurprisingly, findings in a recent white paper show our community places great emphasis on safeguarding trust and driving positive impact for diverse stakeholders. In fact, 61% of YGLs and Global Shapers surveyed agree that business models should only be pursued if they generate improved societal outcomes and profitable gorwth in tandem.

Advanced YGL Impact

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is a unique opportunity to advance impact. Here are some of the key outputs from the YGL Community:

  • YGLs leading the effort to protect 30% of nature by 2030 obtained commitments from the Presidents of Switzerland and Mongolia, as well as Cardinal Turkson representing the Vatican to support this target. Thanks to the support of the our community, 25 countries are now a part of the High-Ambition Coalition for Nature.
  • Big shoutout to YGL Neema Kaseje, KidsOR Advisory board member, for facilitating the commitment from KidsOR to build and manage operating facility at Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. Historically, children's surgical services have not been included in the humanitarian response.
  • YGL Brian A. Wong (Vice-President, Global initiatives, Alibaba) helped launch the Davos Friends of the Africa Growth Platform (AGP), in collaboration with Dalberg Group and the Government of Botswana, with the aim to address the job creation crisis by scaling 100 mill SMEs and start-ups by 2025. Join the 100-day social media campaign to help sign-up African SMEs and startups: Goal is 1 million in 2020.
  • YGL Fatoumata Ba (Founder and Executive Chair, Janngo) launched a €60 million fund to back African start-ups leveraging technology to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • World Economic Forum and partners launched 1t.org, a multistakeholder effort to support efforts to grow, restore and conserve 1 trillion trees around the world. The Forum of Young Global Leaders will be supporting this effort, and will let you know how you can join the action on reforestation.

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