Severe Weather By: Montserrat rodriguez


A storm that generates lightning and thunder. It can produce heavy rain and hail. Caused by warm and unstable air. Forms when the air is warm and humid; air rises. (The U.S. has about 100,000 thunderstorms every year; 45,000 thunderstorms happen everyday.)

Three Stages

1. Cumulus Stage: warm air rises "updrafts", cloud grows bigger. 2. Mature Stage: cloud is at it's biggest and it has a large amount of water; precipitation occurs. 3. Dissipating Stage: precipitation cools cloud down; storm dies.


Violent windstorms that form a vortex. Most tornadoes occur from April to June. They form along with severe thunderstorms. It is measured with the Fujita Scale. (In the U.S. there is only about 770 tornadoes.)

Three Stages

1. A thunderstorm begins and warm air rises. 2. Warm air begins to rotate(called a mesocyclone) 3. Air begins to roll creating the vortex


The most violent storm on Earth(winds at least 119 km per hour). Gets strength from the water in the Ocean. Also known as Typhoons and Cyclones. Must have warm water temperatures that create warm/ moist air. Determined by the Saffir-Simpson Scale(U.S. only has about 5 every year; 85 worldwide.)

Five Stages

1. Begin as a bunch of thunderstorms. 2. Warm air forms, storm moves to the center and rises creating clouds. 3. Cloud forms a ring(eye wall). 4. The ring spins and grows. 5. The storm dies once it goes far into land.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "View of the Americas on 12.13.14" • Pexels - "clouds cloudy dark" • sethink - "lightning storm weather" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0054" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0387" • janeb13 - "tropical cyclone catarina march 26th 2004 cyclone" • WikiImages - "cyclone hurricane gafilo"

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