Laguna Ministry live up to you.

Our Ministry Support Services include:

- Communion

- Baptisms

- Premarital Counseling

- Weddings

- Commitment Ceremony

- Vow Renewal

- Elopement

- House Blessings

- Funeral Services

- Pet Loss Services

- Special Occasion Verses

- Wellness Guidance

- Life Coaching

- Custom Program Options Available

Upon completion of a service we will provide:

- A personalized high-quality certificate signed by one of our ordained ministers

About Laguna Ministry (LM)

Laguna Ministry is a non-denominational ministry. LM was founded in 2017 in Laguna Beach, CA. The purpose of LM is to provide support services to all communities equally.

Meet Our Ministers

Shelly Bennecke D.D. is the founder of Laguna Ministry, she has an Honorary Doctor of Divinity degree by the Universal Life Church Ministries. Shelly is passionate about bringing love, joy and connection to the world through Laguna Ministry.

Kimberly Ann is an ordained minister from Universal Life Church Ministries. Kim enjoys sharing the beauty of life with as many people possible through her work at Laguna Ministry. Her specialty areas are wedding and pet loss services.

Will Arthur is an ordained minister by Laguna Ministry. Will specializes in Catholicism at Laguna Ministry. He takes pride in supporting and servicing traditional and non traditional approaches to life.

Deborah Kachevas is an ordained minister by Laguna Ministry. She is driven to help people find support services they need. Through her work at Laguna Ministry, Deborah believes health, happiness and a successful life begins with building a trusted community.

Kristi Parent is an ordained minister by Laguna Ministry. Kristi has focused on humanities for most of her life and has a keen interest in helping couples in premarital counseling. She is passionate about helping people understand their choices in life.

Sandra Marie is an ordained minister by Laguna Ministry. Sandra fills her time helping others specializing in baptisms here at Laguna Ministry. Her approach to life revolves around giving back through health and wellness programs.

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