Sister Margaret Alpha Midwife

Sister Margaret Alpha is a midwife based at Buedu Community Health Centre, Sierra Leone. She helps deliver up to 35 babies each month but since 2012 her job has become harder due to difficulties with her vision, especially when focusing on small details close up.

On hearing that an eye care team was visiting the Buedu Health Centre, Sister Margaret was keen to find out if they could help. The Vision Aid Overseas team were in the country as part of a long term commitment by the charity to help establish sustainable eye care within Sierra Leone. Sister Margaret was the next to benefit as she received her first eye examination and a life changing pair of spectacles.

Returning to the Maternity Ward Sister Margaret lost no time in checking that the tasks she had found so difficult were now easily accomplished when wearing her new spectacles. Medicine bottles were no longer blurred, medical reports were now easy to read and most importantly the newborn were delightfully in focus.

Sister Margaret was able to check the health of Kumba Duray, born at 1.30 the previous morning and weighing in at 3.5Kg. Proud parents Brima and Fattu were very happy to show off their new daughter to the rest of their family.

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