Cafeteria Waste and what needs to change

We need to change the milk cartons.

We need reusable cups, such as, these.

The amount of milk cartons wasted at our school is 39.5 pounds and 26% of our waste.

We need to separate our compost, recyclable things, milk cartons, and plastic.

We have 64.5 pounds of compost which is 43% of our waste!

We need a dishwasher to wash all of our new supplies. If we do not have one of these we can not use any thing reusable. The cafeteria workers would have to hand wash all of our dishes.
Do you always want what you get in the cafeteria?
If you don't, that's okay, we have a solution!
Instead of cafeteria workers to decide what you HAVE to get you get to chose your portions and get to decide what on the menu you might eat. If you do this though you still have to get what is the menu.


That is our cafeteria waste and what needs to change.
Made By: Tayte Belyea, Aiden Campbell, Lydia Carr, and Anna Cooper
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