How is Fox News more biased compared to ABC News?

Fox News has been regarded as one of the most biased newspaper agencies in the entire world and has come under fire many times particularly during elections, as they seem to promote solely Republican candidates, and only cater to conservative citizens. According to Pew Research Center, "Among all U.S. adults, 43% say they trust Fox News for political and election news"(Gramlich). Even months after President Joe Biden's election to President, there are still a steady stream of articles written about Donald Trump flowing through the system, which has led many to question the equality of the coverage.

While only less than half of all Americans trust Fox News as a reliable news source, "Around two-thirds of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents (65%) say they trust Fox News for political and election news." This is a sign of bias because when article headlines are swayed towards one direction, it can cause more or less acceptance or rejection between people with different political views.

Some might ask, why is this all important? Well, news sources in mainstream media can be swayed towards a political party, and they can focus to write on certain things, but the ownership and the messages put out by Fox News are very strong opinions and can be based on opinion rather than fact.

How does ABC news compare to Fox News? ABC news like Fox News is a very large newspaper corporation based in New York City. However, contrasting to Fox News, ABC news does not state on their page that they are conservative or liberal based, rather that they try to maintain neutrality in their content. ABC ranks highest on trust in the United States, having the highest percentage of trust between both Republican and Democratic viewers.

ABC tends to be more neutral due to the fact that it is less politics based. Fox News headlines are very Trump heavy and that is often what is on the front page. To maintain neutrality, ABC News focuses mainly on current events and what is happening right now in the world, while still covering politics for both Republican and Democratic sides.

In my opinion, more news sources should be like ABC News. They as a corporation strive to provide coverage for a wide array of viewers, and maintain neutrality through their content. However, while Fox News has been proven to be a biased and Republican swaying news source, I don't think that Fox News should change that. Fox news viewership is very high because they provide the content that their readers want.