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Wandering of how much i passion photography

hope to change minds by photography

its really my Start ( in Dark but one day am in )

Extreme exchange in my Career EICAP

conferences, I hope to be key speaker one day

I Believe in Mind changing in My Teaching.

To be Free is my Resolution

Giving Happiness is my Career

Creative Photography Between Art and Application -Abstract

- Photographers have been interested in portraying the various subjects of everything they encounter in everyday life.

The categories and types of artistic photography have diversified according to artistic themes and trends. In the past centuries, photographers have followed the steps of the art schools to prove the truth and to support the art world.
- These experiments and efforts continued for many decades. As the idea developed, the trends and the tools used, the schools improved to become personal trends rather than international movements of photographic art. Through the work of three levels of creative photography (Techniques - ideas - designs)
- The research focuses on the main points: creativity in the technique, creativity in the idea, creativity in design, and follows the descriptive approach to describe the levels of photographic creativity and analysis of centers of power at each stage to produce a creative image characterized by technology and thought moreover, design represents one of the frameworks of movements and trends of photographic art.
- The outcomes of the research are that the use of technic and the idea of the design of each unit creatively makes the artist able to produce creative photographs integrated, characterized by unity, objectivity, and creativity.
iPhonegraphy Art

Oman's iPhonegraphy Art

Food Photography - www.gearbox-studios.com
Interior Photography - www.gearbox-studios.com
Industrial Photography - www.gearbox-studios.com

Smartphone Photography

Introduction Classes

Starts with smartphone photographs without editing just to see as a real photographer
SCD's Photographic Studio

Research Paper

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