The Netherlands Kathleen Mincks

Politics- The Netherlands has been a constitutional Monarchy from 1815-1848. It became a parliamentary democracy in 1848. The current Prime Minister of the Netherlands is Mark Rutte.

Economics- As of 2013, the Netherlands GDP was the equivalent of 853.5 billion USD. The GDP growth rate is -0.7% annual change as of 2013. Their unemployment rate is 7.0% as of 2015. Their currency is the euro.

Religion- The Netherlands have a variety of religions. A good portion of people (40%) are atheists. The other beliefs are as follows: Roman Catholic-31%; Protestant-21%; Muslim-4.4%; and 3.6%-other.

Social Structure- The people are organized by wealth.

Industry- The main industries are agriculture-related industries, oil and natural gas, metal and engineering products, electronic machinery and equipment, chemicals, petroleum, construction, microelectronics, fishing.

Arts and entertainment- The netherlands have many museums to visit, such as the Anne Frank house.

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