Photo Composition Rules of photography

This photo is taken from a "Bird's Eye" perspective, because it is taken far above any human's natural eye height.
This photo is an example of "Framing", because the main subject is "framed" inside of the doorway.
This photo shows "Leading Lines" because the insulation from the cables lead to the main subject.
These lockers show "Repetition", because the lockers are identical and repeating.
This picture is a great example of "Rule of Thirds", because our subject is in the right rectangle of the frame, while the other 2/3 on the left is left empty to bring out the setting.
This photo is an example of "Strong Subject", because our subject is extremely clear, due to the consistent, basic background.
This photo is an example of "Worm's Eye" perspective, because the picture is taken from an angle much lower than any human's natural eye height.
This photo is an example of "Selective Focus", because our subject is completely in focus, and clear, while the background is more blurry.


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