Confident Communication - How can I get the best from others? My development

Is this development for me?

This workshop will enable participants to understand how to communicate in an honest and direct manner. Understanding exactly what assertive behavior is, and where they may consciously choose to utilise it when dealing with others. This is for all staff and focused on supporting you to take ownership of your communication style, enhancing positive impact and getting the best from others.

You must sign up for both part 1 and part 2 to complete this course.

  • Time Commitment: 3 hours = 3 Learning Credits and 1.5 hours = 2 Learning Credits (you need to attend both parts)
  • Learning Methods: Face to face, on-the-job activities, reflection and group work.

Facilitator - Isla McCrone (external)

What will I gain?

  • You will learn tools for communicating in an honest and direct way.
  • You will understand what assertive behaviour is and when you might consciously want to act assertively.
  • You will have the opportunity to put this in to practice, reflect and discuss your experiences in a shared and supportive environment.

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