Layers of the Atmosphere and Clouds By Harrison M.

Layers of the Atmosphere

The layers of the atmosphere are thin layers of mixed gasses. there are five layers but there are only four main ones. the four main layers are the Troposphere, the Stratosphere, the Mesosphere, and the Thermosphere. Out of the five layers the Troposphere is where most weather Occurs.

Types of clouds when it is going to rain

Nimbostratus clouds are formed near the lower part of the layers. They Produce rain. Another type of cloud is the Cumulonimbus clouds. they produce thunder storms and sometimes tornadoes. these are also in the lower part of the layers. Another example of a rain cloud is a stratus cloud. They often only produce a drizzle or mist.

Types of clouds on nice weather days

Stratocumulus clouds are lower layered clouds. They are dark gray but do not produce rain. Another cloud that produces nice weather is the Cumulus cloud. They are lower layered clouds also and they are usually in the sky when it is hot and sunny outside.

How we can predict weather using clouds

Understanding a clouds location in the layers of the atmosphere helps us predict because for example if there is a Nimbostratus cloud in the sky we will know if it is going to rain or when Cumulus clouds are in the sky it is very sunny.

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