Trump's Immigration Ban By: Jordan Wilson


  • Total Number Of People Forced From Their Homes: 65.3 Million
  • Total number of people forced from their homes: 65.3 Million
  • Total number of internally displaced persons: 40.8mil
  • Top 5 internally displaced persons countries (and their totals): Colombia: 6.9mil, Syria: 6.6mil, Iraq: 4.4mil, Sudan: 3.2mil, & Nigeria: 2.2mil
  • Total number of refugees: 21.3mil
  • Top 5 countries of origin for refugees (and their totals): Syria: 4.9mil, Afghanistan: 2.7mil, Somalia: 1.1mil, South Sudan: 778,700, & Sudan: 628,800
  • Top 5 host countries for refugees: Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iran, & Ethiopia
  • Syrian refugee stats:
  • Total population 22mil
  • Total refugees 5 million
  • Total internally displaced 7 million
  • Syrian casualties One million injured and 400k killed

Refugee: A person who is forced to leave their home because of war, natural disaster, persecution, etc.

IDP (Internally Displaced Persons): A person who is forced to leave their home (still lives in the same country).

Complications In Salam Neighbor

  • Crime
  • Difficulty to receive food / water
  • No job
  • Can't leave the camp

Refugee's Needs

  • Acceptance
  • They'll want equality (ability to get jobs)
  • Basic necessities like food, water, health care, etc

What Surprised Me In Salam Neighbor

What surprised me most while watching this film is seeing how hard it is for people in the camps to receive basic necessities (ex: food, water, safety).

Should We Welcome Refugees?

Of COURSE we should welcome Refugees to our community. I feel this way because the reason they leave their countries is to have safer / better lives because of the complications in their countries, and I believe they should have that opportunity.

US Refugee Stats

  • Number of refugees settled in the US in 2016: 84,995 Refugees
  • Average number of refugees over the past 5 years: 70,000 Refugees
  • Top 5 sending countries: Syria, Burma, Iraq, & Somalia
  • Top 5 receiving states: California, Texas, New York, Michigan, & Ohio

Steps In Refugee Screening Process

  1. Refugee applicants identify themselves to the UN
  2. Applicants are received by a federally funded RSC
  3. Biographic security checks start
  4. Department Of Homeland Security Interview
  5. Biometric Security Checks
  6. Medical Check
  7. Cultural Orientation / Resettlement
  8. Travel
  9. US Arrival

Trump's Immigration Order

Trump's immigration order bans six countries (Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) from traveling to the US. This ban is on hold at the moment but, if it is approved then people from all of those six countries won't be able to travel to the US for 90 days.

My Opinion On Trump's Ban

I don't agree with Trump's immigration order. One, by banning those six countries, he's targeting a certain group of people. Two, people should be able to migrate wherever they please, Wether it's for safety or travel. To back up my reasonings, the country's that are banned from entering the United States include, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen(predominantly Muslim countries). Also, the ban halted all green card holders from entering the country.


  • Images: (Image Of Trump & Immigration Order)
  • (Image Of Syrian Refugees)
  • (Image Of Refugees Hugging)
  • (Image From Salam Neighbor)
  • (Image From Salam Neighbor)
  • (Image Of Refugee Protesters)
  • (Image Of Refugee Protesters Pt. 2)
  • (Image Of Refugee Putting Up Heart)
  • (Image Of Refugees Welcome Sign)
  • (Image Of US Refugee Statistic Graph)
  • (Image Of US Refugee Stats)
  • (Image Of Refugee Screening Process)
  • (Image Of Trump W Ban)
  • (Image Of Refugee Protesting)
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