Chapter 5 A World class education: Modernizing curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

"The schools of today and yesterday are not the schools we need for tomorrow."

The world of technology is changing at a rapid pace allowing for a plethora of new educational opportunities.

High universal standards, accompanied by high quality content, aligning teacher preparation programs, professional development, and sophisticated assessments.

New Mindsets

"In this new world, all students, not just the science geeks, will need a deeper understanding of science and technology."

New Processes

New Strategies

Curriculum, Standards, and Assessments need some rethinking.

  • Science and technology-based
  • Critical thinking
  • Global interdependence
  • Innovation
  • Tests with results that guide students to their next stage of education
  • Less memorization and more experiences to build background knowledge
  • PISA-like questions
  • Collaborate across the globe

"Providing world-class education for all our students will require districts and especially states to pull together all of the elements into an integrated whole."

What are schools currently doing to make these changes?
  • Elementaries are exploring land use patterns to study ecosystems
  • Middle schools are creating multidisciplinary units bringing together all subjects
  • High schools are offering capstone projects like the Habitable Planet project

Schools are pushing creativity.

Key factors of creativity:

  • Knowledge: deep knowledge of one domain
  • Creative thinking skills: can analyze new information and have practical/creative ideas
  • Motivation: intrinsic interest
  • Metacognition: explicit decision
  • Environment: collaboration and encouraging risk taking

How are you preparing students for life after school?


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