The hallucinations. WARNING- may be triggering to some Readers.

I had already been seeing things that were scary to see. The worst part about about it was the fact that when I look around, no one seems to be able to see them. It was scary because I couldn't tell what was real and what was not. The scariest hallucination at the time , was about four years ago, just before my bedroom was redecorated. I couldn't sleep and because my bed was opposite my door, I would just stare at the slightly open door, while I was looking at the door i saw a black demonic figure pass my door and go into the bathroom and then I started hearing something clattering around in the bathroom, with out taking my eye of were I was looking, I get out of bed and go to check out the bathroom. At this point I was crying because I was terrified of what it was, I get to the bathroom and see that the door was closed shut, I didn't hear it open the door to get in, I slowly open the door and quickly turn on the light. I saw nothing. Just the bathroom, the same as last time I saw it. I then sense something behind me and shot across the top of the staires into my parents room. The were fast asleep. I had to wake them up because I was so scared. I told them what happened and they said I was probably a nightmare. I knew It wasn't, I hadn't been to sleep that night.

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