Clinton: Dinner and a Movie Kelsey DeVaizer, Daniel Fehrenbacher, Drew Graham, Emily Greer, Taylor Hart

Dinner and a Movie is an event hosted by Main Street Clinton. The most recent Dinner and a Movie was held on April 7th on the bricks in Clinton, Mississippi. They showed the Disney movie Moana.

Journalistic Essay

The sun was setting behind a large white screen. The screen was positioned in the center of the brick streets. In front of it sat a variety of countless colored lawn chairs and blankets, each filled with children and adults of all ages. Food trucks were positioned at the opposite end of the street, selling hot dogs and kettle corn for the crowds. Loud chatter filled the air as everyone waited for the sun to set. Thus began the Disney movie, Moana. Tara Lytal, director of Main Street Clinton, said that this was the first showing to kick off the spring season of the “Dinner and a Movie” event. Main Street Clinton shows four movies each fall and spring every two weeks on Friday evenings. Friday, April 7, kicked off the first of four movies by showing Disney’s Moana. The rest of the season will be featuring Jurassic World, Finding Dory, and The Secret Life of Pets. The dates will be April 21, May 5, and May 19. “It’s a laid-back, fun evening that’s not too expensive for a family,” Lytal said, “It’s about trying to establish the downtown as the heart of the community.” The promotions committee for Main Street Clinton meets monthly to plan the event, along with several other events that are held throughout the year. Sabrina Regan of Clinton brought her one-year-old daughter to the event. “This is my first time,” Regan said, “It’s a great opportunity to get around people that you don’t normally get to see everyday.”Regan learned about the event from CrisAnn Bryan, a junior at Mississippi College. Bryan spent the evening volunteering for the event by spending time with the children and making flower leis. “I love to volunteer at events like this. It’s great to see the community come together,” Bryan said. “I love that Clinton has stuff like this. Most towns you can never get everyone together.” Amy Freeman, junior, was one of MC’s students to attend the event. It was the first “Dinner and a Movie” event that she had been to, but she plans on going to others in the future. “Stuff like this with a small town feel reminds me of home. It’s really nice,” Freeman said. “I’ve never seen it [Moana], but I’ve heard good things about it. It’s good to feel like a kid again,” said Freeman. Freeman said that her favorite part was seeing the parents spend time with their children. “It just brings childlike joy!” she said, smiling. Eric Brinkman found out about the event from the Clinton Courier. “It sounded pretty cool,” said Brinkman, “I wasn’t expecting this many people to come, I’m excited!” Brinkman brought his six-year-old son, Chase, to see the movie. “I’ve seen this movie before in the movie theater,” Chase said, “with a roof!” He was, however, excited to see the movie outside. “It would stink if it rained though,” he said. “It’s beautiful weather to watch a movie outside,” Brinkman said, “Not too hot and not too cold.”

Photo Journalism

Hundreds of Clintonites and Mississippi College students gathers on the brick streets to grab a seat, a hot dog from the local vendor, and watch Disney movie, Moanna.
Small Time Hot Dogs are a local vendor of Mississippi out of Winona. The food truck offered an array of hot dogs at a good price.
MC students, (from left), Anna Brooks, Bethany Moore, and Sarah Kate Griffin chow down on hot dogs, lemonade, and chat before the sun goes down to watch Moanna.
The City of Clinton, had a booth set up so the local kids could make lays for the movie. The station was run by two MC students, CrisAnn Bryan, and Summer Curry.
Many parents, like Ryan Capell, carried their children through the crowd to find a hopeful spot on the brick streets.
Many of the little children sat in strollers with blankets surrounding them on the chilly night of April 7. This child was being fed by his dad prior to the movie starting at sunset.
The crowd sat anxiously awaiting the start of the movie. Kids played with their friends, parents talked amongst each other, and some kept their smartphone in hand refreshing the different social media sites.
Some of the older children at the event played with a beach ball while their parents kept a close eye on them as the sun began to go down.
Students, families, singles, and the elderly all stood in line for a hot dog. Many waiting upwards of 45 minutes to get their hot dog, but many say it was worth the wait.
The sun went down at approximately 7:40p.m. and families gathered in their children, and sat back to watch the film on the giant white screen.
Just as the credits were rolling, many of the movies goers began to clean up their space and pack up for the night.
As the families packed up and people began talking, many of the kids went back to playing . The parents socialized a bit more before walking to the Cups parking lot to get in their cars to head home.

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