Bill Clinton presidential number 42

  • Bill Clinton was president through january 20, 1993 january 20, 2001
  • President Clinton signed the family medical leave act that requires companies to provide workers with up to three months of unpaid leave for family and medical emergencies
  • President Clinton announces "an honorable compromise" that erased the ban on gay rights in the military
  • President Clinton addmited to Lewinsky relationship,

"i did not have sexual relations with that women"

>Bill Clinton was born in arkansa.

three facts about Bill Clinton before he was president

  • His father died in a car accident three months before he was born.
  • His last name was originally Blythe
  • When he was in high school he played sax in jazz trio called ''three blind mice''
  • He was born on August 19, 1949.
  • His wife name is Hillary Clinton
  • He has one child, Chelsea Clinton


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