• born August 9, 1966
  • In 1989 Silva started taking pictures under the mentorship of Ulli Michel. Later in 1992 he became a stringer for the Reuters Johannesburg Bureau. Then, in 1992, he was hired as a staff photographer at The Star. In 1994 he joined the Associated press and began freelancing. Finally by 2000 he was contracted with Times as a photographer.
  • He is a war photographer
  • Silva is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, however he has also traveled to Balkans, Central Asia, Russia, and the middle east.
  • The factors that influenced his work was war. specifically in Afghanistan. He is recently based in South Africa and is photographing the riots in Zamdela.
  • What makes him unique is in 2010, Afghanistan he stepped on a land mine and lost both of his legs, and he is still taking pictures today. Also in 1992 he was awarded SA Press Photographer of the year. Then, in 2012 he was awarded the Ordem da Liberdade by the Portuguese Government.

This photo really stands out to me because it has good use of balance, value, and space. The lighting is also good for this picture because it gives the picture a different feeling.

The center of interest in this photo is the two men. I think he captured with very well. What I like best about this photo is how he slanted his camera so it gives the picture a different look, you can see the work he has to put into moving his partner.
This Photo shows a lot of emotion and mood

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