Re-Imagined Storytelling Festival

I was so Thrilled to be part of the second edition of the Re-Imagined Storytelling Festival

This year's Festival Included Performances by 6 international and 8 Kenyan Storytellers, as well as interactive workshops. There was also a very interesting panel discussion of the future of folktales with movers and shakers in the Nairobi art and story scene.

Story Story, Story Come.

It was also a festival of many First!!!

The Story Story, Story Come was launched - a new collection of folktales by writers from across Africa. There was the Release of audio version of the Story Story. Story Come

Audio Version of Story Story, Story Come

There was also a performance adaptation of some of the stories in a new production called The Door of No Return.

Well the reason behind all this is, for centuries communities across the Africa have used folk tales to share knowledge, both past and present; to educate audiences of all ages; and entertain families, friends and entire neighbourhoods.

However, the age-old tradition of oral storytelling on the decline. Rapid urbanisation, poverty, the breakdown of the extended family, television and so, has altered our social fabric.

The Outreach

Before the main event on Saturday, we have organized outreach around Nairobi, to the the stories different communities in around the city.


Outreach at Mathare Roots Youth Group Community Center


Awjama Cultural Center


Buru buru Kenya national library service


Finally the day of the main event was here and we were all excited about it, we were finally kicking off the long awaited event. The Re-Imagined Storytelling Festival 2018 was hosted at the Alliance Française, Nairobi on December 15, 2018.

The evening was the first time audiences saw Story Story, Story Come an illustrated anthology of 12 re-imagined folktales by authors from across Africa and the Diaspora including an audio book version to original music. The children’s book is published in West Africa by Ouida Books and in East and Southern Africa by Paivapo.

The Festival also premiered the production The Door of (No) Return, an adaptation of some of the stories, in partnership with ZamaleoAct

Photos from the main event on Saturday at the Alliance Française.
Photos from the main event on Saturday at the Alliance Française.

The storytellers

alim kamara

He is an African Storyteller and Hip hop artist.

lillian rodrigues

Lillian Rodrigues is an international storyteller and language teacher

jawad elbied

He is a storyteller an the manager and a founding member of Hikayat Morocco, an organisation that preserves and promotes the art of storytelling.

usifu jalloh a.k.a the cowfoot prince

Usifu is an award winning storyteller, percussionist and educator from Sierra Leone.

adil lemghari idrissi

Adil is Moroccan Storyteller, Rapper and Musician.

nomsa mdlose

Nomsa is a folklorist and social entrepreneur.

alumbe hellen

Alumbe Hellen Namai is a storyteller and educator and the founder ZamaleoAct

Chomba njeru

Chomba is storyteller who has been telling stories since his childhood.

Leonidah nanjala

Leonidah has began her journey as a professional storyteller in 2012 and she performs in schools across Kenya.

ernest wamboye

Ernest is storyteller

wangari the storyteller

Wangari is interactive storyteller, she uses a variety of participatory approaches that appeal to the young and the young at heart.

sanjally jobarteh

Sanjally is Kora virtuoso. Both into one of the five principal kora- playing Griot families from West Africa, he picked up the 21-stringed lute-bridge-harp as a young boy.

john namai

John is a professional storyteller with a love of travel and sharing stories. John has toured and performed in storytelling festival across the world.

John is also one the organizers of Re-Imagined storytelling festival.

maimouna jallow

Maimouna is storyteller and journalist from Gambia. She has performed and led workshops around the world. As co-founder and director of Positively African, she is the editor and curator of the Story Story, Story Come anthology and audio books and the organizer of the Re-Imagined Storytelling festival.

It was a great honor and experience for me as a photographer and storyteller to be a part of this amazing festival.


Mohamed Gure

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