Signifying monkey By:Lanyah whitehead




Jungle in Africa

Plot Summary

The signifying monkey told the lion one day that the elephant was going around talking about his mother.The lion said "Yeah well, I'll fix him.Ill tear that elephant limb to limb" When the lion went to go confront the elephant he was surprised but didn't back down the fight .While the lion and the elephant were fighting the signifying monkey was in the tree instigating calling the lion weak laughing and jumping around for he told a lie just to start a brawl.While the monkey was jumping he fell from the tree and the lion pinned him down with all four paws the monkeys cried and pleaded for his life .The lion let the monkey go and told him to never come down from the trees s or he'll die no the monkey was never seen again.

Symbols and archetypes

The animals mainly the monkey causing trouble


Don't lie,and don't insult people as a game and to teach people what can happen to you if you cause trouble for no reason.

Created By
Lanyah Whitehead


Created with images by Steppenwolf1979 - "gorilla zoo monkey" • melycgcg - "Lion" • Pexels - "animal photography jungle monkey" • tobiasbegemann - "angry elephant" • laurentmarx - "elephant safari animal"

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