Creative Photography By: isabella vigil

My First Photography

The photos above are the onstart to my photography learning experience. From these basic rules, I learned how to create better images. From repeating these skills and practicing the appliance into the photos, I now always have these rules in mind as I capture my photos.

Editing of Photos/ Snapseed

snap seed

Before and after

My editing

This photo is made more captivating and unique because of the editing that I used for it. My goal was to bring out the ordinary eyes and create a sense of aw and amazement for the beauty that they hold. With the help of edits, I made the eyes more vivid and motivate your eye look look right at them (focal point)

I was inspired by the photographer, Steve McCurry because he did very real and emotional photography that shows a story. I tried to duplicate this style by capturing a daily MOOD of a student. I think it is relatable and tells the story of a long and tiring day of school

Black and White

Still Life

These are my still life photography photos! I really enjoyed this lesson and was loving the outcome of my work. Out of all three, my favorite is the last one. It has such a gentle feeling to it that I love and I love the contrast between them!

"People photography"

These are three of the photographs I took of some of the people in my life using the rules I learned from the class. The top left is my friend in front of a window, for my window light photography. The top right is my little sister Jackie, smiling on an island. I love that one. And than at the bottom, I'm using a close up photo that has contrast on her face, I find this photo beautiful.

My favorite is the one of Jackie! Her smile makes the photo so enjoyable

This class has helped me so much and I am very happy of the improvement made to my photos. I loved the atmosphere and learning techniques of this class. These photos shown above are my creative collection. These are only some of the many I've taken. I hope you enjoy them !


I chose this photograph as my all time favorite because it's breathtaking to me. This vacation was one I will never forget and this picture makes me just wanna rewind time and go back. It literally makes me so happy having this to see. Punta Cana was amazing 🌎

The end

A class of fun, learning, experience, and laughs!

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