ABCs of Africa By: Jacob Moore

A is for Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and is located in South of Europe. Africa was once part of thr large super continent called Pangaea that shaped how the world is now

B is for Benin, Nigeria

Benin is located in West Africa country of Nigeria. Benin is characterized by usually dry conditions

C is for Cameroon, Mount

Cameroon is the highest peak in West Africa. Cameroon has a volcano that errupted in 2012

D is for Drakensberg

Drakensberg is a mountain range along the southeastern coast of Africa. Drakensberg stretches about 1,000 kilometers long.

E is for Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopian Highlands are a mountainous area in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Ethiopian Highlands have temperate climate with a rainy season

F is for Fauresmith

Fauresmith is a town in Bloemfontein in South Africa. Fauresmith has a population of only 3,628

G is for the Ghana empire

Ghana lasted from the year 400 - 1200. Ghana empire was located in Southeastern Mauritain and West Mali

H is for the Horn of Africa

Horn of Africa is a horn shaped region in East Africa. Horn of Africa includes the countries Eritrea, Djibouti, Ethiopia and Somalia

I is for Islam

Islam is the religion of Muslims. Islam professes that there is one god (Allah)

J is for Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest city in Africa. Johannesburg has a population of 4.4 million

K is for Kenya, Mount

Kenya is the second highest African mountain. Kenya measures 5199 meters tall.

L is for Lagos

Lagos is a former capital region in Nigeria. Lagos is the third largest city in Africa

M is for Maghreb

Maghreb is a northwest region of Africa. Maghreb encompasses the Atlas Mountains and coast of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia

N is for Nile River

Nile is the longest rive in the world. Nile flows 2200 kilometers

O is for Orange

Orange river is the longest river in South Africa. Orange river flows 2200 kilometers

P is for Pharaoh

Pharaohs are in Egypt. Pharaohs can include Seka and Khayu

Q is Qu'arn

Qu'arn is the religous text of Islam. Qu'arn is believed to be a relavation from god

R is for Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori is a mountain range on the border if Uganda and D.R of Congo. Rwenzori is 5109 meters high

S is for Salt

Salt helped keep food in Africa fresh and not mold or go bad. Salt was hard to get in some places.

T is for Tanganyika Lake

Tanganyika Lake is the longest freshwater lake in the world. Tanganyika Lake is 673 kilometers long

U is for Udu

Udu is an instument in Africa. Udu is a water jug with a hole in it.

V is for Victoria Lake

Victoria Lake is the largest lake in Africa. Victoria feeds into the Nile

W is for Water

Water is the main source of what humans need. Water is also scarce in Africa

X is for Xhosa

Xhosa is a member of South African people. Xhosa is also a language.

Y is for Yoruba

Yoruba is a language in West Africa. Yoruba has 28 million people who use it

Z is for Zulu

Zulu is the largest ethnic group in South Africa. Zulu numbers around 10 million people


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