Gapping Analysis Make every club a useful tool in your bag

The importance of knowing exactly how far each club in your bag carries and ensuring every gap is consistent is vital to playing well. At The Golf Lab we will check every club in your bag to make the necessary adjustments so that each club in your bag flies the desired distance. This knowledge will let you play shots with total confidence that you have the correct club in your hands.

90% of golfers have two clubs in their bag that go almost the same distance

Compression Gaps

Golf clubs are created with an incremental loft change of approximately 4 degrees between each club. However, at one point there will be a club where the ball will reach full compression due to the swing speed of the golfer and loft of the club. We tend to observe a significant yardage difference between those clubs known as a compression gap.

Consequently golfers also tend to have two clubs where the ball flies almost the same distance (usually at the top end of the bag). This is caused by a combination of club head speed, loft and angle of attack.

By moving away from the incremental loft changes we are able to create the appropriate gaps in the golfers bag.

Our Process

Step 1 - Blueprinting

Every club is blueprinted for its’ Lie and Loft

  • This will help diagnose any distance or direction issues that may arise during the gapping session

Step 2 - Testing

Every club in the bag is hit to see dispersion and shot patterns.

The importance of landing angles and carry distances are analyzed during this portion of the gapping session.

Step 3 - Adjustments

The Lies and Lofts of each club will be adjusted so the gaps between each club is consistent and plots are in line.

A discussion will occur between the player and coach to determine what gaps will be most beneficial for the golfer.

Step 4 - Retest

The adjusted clubs will be retested to ensure the appropriate changes were made.

Step 5 - Report

Golfers will receive their new yardages electronically so it is accessible at all times!

Play with confidence, knowing how far your clubs actually carry!

Tuition: $150

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