Fizz Fest 2021

On August 7, we held our annual Fizz Fest Arts Festival! The community came out and watched talented artists breathe life in to works of art, right before their eyes! There were also live street performances, delicious food trucks, a hands-on drum bus and art activities for the kids! The Daybreak Arts Council also hosted a two day Resident Art Gallery for artists in the community to showcase their artwork! The night was concluded with an electric performance from Little Moses Jones!

Here are some of our favorite moments from the day!

Liz Hovley
Brody Froelich
Caro Nilsson
Aelias McHam
Brad Jones
Gerry Swanson
Xandra Rains
Durga Ekambaram
M'Lynn Suwinski
Amy Maisel
Nicole Rosen and her handmade doll house
Annie Isaacson
Talk about a 5'oclock shadow
Making a contribution to the community art project!
Residents enjoying pieces from the community art gallery
A performance from Salt Lake Capoeira!
Voodoo Productions performing for residents!

Thank you to everyone who attended and a special thanks to our awesome volunteers Teresa Onken, Dheeraj Jonnalagadda, Dawn Riddle, Ron Onken, Alex Stroud, Robin Youngs, Nadine You, Jack Vaughan, Daxton Frogley, Jennifer & Andrew Kearney and Zeke Kearney! We couldn't have done it without you all!

Events like Fizz Fest connects the community through embracing arts & diversity, keeping Daybreak the most desirable community in Utah!

This event was orchestrated by the brilliant Sandra Gierisch!

LiveDAYBREAK plays a dynamic leadership role in helping Daybreak be the most desirable community in Utah by creating a culture where our residents live more fulfilling lives. This is achieved by focusing our events, activities, and programs around five values:

Connecting: Bringing people together through programs, events, clubs, and other opportunities for personal interactions, while encouraging volunteerism and leadership growth.

Lifelong Learning: Supporting and promoting a variety of educational opportunities throughout all stages of life.

Embracing Arts & Diversity: Enriching lives through the cultivation of the arts while appreciating differences within the community.

Healthy Living: Supporting physical and emotional well-being through community events and activities, as well as fostering economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

Giving Back: Participating in the betterment of Daybreak and the community at large through volunteerism, service, and philanthropic measures.

Thank you!

Created By
Alejandro Lucero