How we express ourselves PYP exhibition 2017

My interests for the Exhibition

Music helps me calm down,express myself and my feelings trough tone and sound this is why I chose do have this topic as part of my S.L.C ( STUDENT LED CONFERENCE )

First Week

Buddy talk

On Friday we had a talk about the exhibition and the 6th graders experience of the exhibition last year what challenges you might face and not to do plagiarism and try paraphrase your research they talked about there preblems and how they

Week 2

Watching videos on many ways of expressing yourself...

Essential Agreements of our exhibition group

UOI Details

We made LOI's and our central idea for our topic and we also merged the concepts and learner profiles we all collaborated in choosing attitudes and and attributes that relate to our topic

Mentor meeting !!

We met our mentors and introduced ourselves to Ms. Melissa

Reflection on my group

I feel very enthusiastic about my group and I am looking forward to work together I

Priorities for next week

I have to research on my chosen artist and research on the line of inquiries I have to work on my my concept questions.

Exit Ticket

I used to think that we could not collaborate well and always go into fights Now I think

In my group I started to edit my journal and then started to research about my artist and his life. Next I wanted to research about a new topic and everyone got 2 types of music. I worked on jazz music and got a lot of information. I found most of the work a little tough but I went through it.I felt excited about my work but I need to do more work and research.
Thinking skills for exhibition ( Acquisition) I learned specific facts to gain more knowledge about my personal gernere and my artist I developed my own ideas about music and I improvised in my work and found facts about the history without using a secondary resource for my research ( used my prior knowledge). Comprehension I understood the main ideas when learning about the UOI chart and when I was creating LOI’s. Application I chose an effective strategy when I was completing a task for my artist which I had to research about my gener of music


I listened to difficult points and information that was given out in my mentor meeting

Learner profile reflection Attributes

1. During our precious 2 periods of time today I thought I was very open- minded because I sat in the group, gave my ideas but also listened quietly and accepted my other team members ideas According to my opinion I think there Ideas were better and more elaborative than mine.

2. I think that today was not very good because I was not contributing to the group discussion and was distracted and I had low energy. I will do better on Wednesday as tomorrow is a holiday and Wednesday is the day of the presentations of LOI 1

Listing my research

  • As I was researching on my genre of music (jazz) I found out where it originated from and and types of jazz. I also found out about instruments played in jazz music (like trombone Trumpet,saxophone etc.) and various jazz artists (like Louis Armstrong,Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Ben E King Chuck Berry etc.)
  • I found out the similarities with Classical Music and Jazz music ( like They both give similar feelings like (Happiness and Sadness) and both have melodic improvisation ( which is on the spot improvisation).

Reflection- Research skills

  • Formulating questions understood how to use and identify main ideas and key words while finding out about jazz music, where it originated and what it is about and how it works. Planning I watched and checked my research to approve of it. I began to plan out my research when I had finished typing the information used the internet to collect data for my genre which is Jazz music. Recording data I took notes full of main points without copying or plagiarism. Organising Data I chose and used a graphic organiser ( Venn Digram) when I wanted to compare 2 types of music ( classical and Jazz).

Organisation Rubric

Sorting out

I started to sort out my information by using giant musical notes and in my group started to help cut out the musical notes that were drawn by my teacher then we continued to find more information. We also found out more way to organise our info and find best ways to do so.

Black Hat Reflection

Yellow Hat reflection

  • I found working with my group in the second line of inquiry easy as we were not fooling around and concentrating on our given task.
  • I found some new information on music in the 1800's on the composer and how they were getting more famous around the world and how they faced problems in their life
  • I had a wonderful time while writing down my timeline of music and mostly everyone had started highlighting their work ( including me ).
  • In my group I enjoyed a conversation about the evolution of music after we had finished our work.
  • I saw different types of music in the 1800's to the 1850's ( the classical era was over and the romantic era started in music.



I learn using my listening skills and also concentrate when I am learning about new topics. I enjoy singing and and writing songs for the group in the exhibition and working in the group. I work better in groups rather than working alone because I can bind my strengths with others and get more knowledge


The grade 5 has an exhibition to make the ready for a new world in secondary and also to them independent. The exhibition will help me in getting more knowledge for my topic and will help me become an independent learner. Some student might not like the group s they start fooling around or even if they have their friends in it they waste time and talk to them.


I have a good group to work with because they are committed to work and always take initiative on making more charts related to our work and topic. The teachers have guided me in giving editing rights to people in my groups on the google documents and and how to take initiative to work more and not only one person should take initiative to work.


My work is about music which is directly connected to How we express ourselves.My work in writing a song ( which everyone had to do ) was a success to my group and everyone liked it

Making Conclusions

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